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Research takes many forms–not all of them use the writing medium. Here you can find video and audio recordings of events and conversations in which Dr. Ndiaye participated.

2021-Present. University of Chicago:

The Black Baroque Project (BBP)

Launched in 2021 and sponsored by the Division of the Humanities, the Black Baroque Project is an ongoing series of remote and in-person conversations with Black artists (specializing in theatre, visual culture, dance, music, etc.) who work with, against, and through Baroque culture in our own moment. Dr. Ndiaye is the main organizer of the series. She interviews choreographer Bintou Dembélé and playwright/actor Keith Hamilton Cobb herself in Season 1. 

March 2022. Newberry Library. “Ayanna Thompson: A Career in Premodern Critical Race Studies.”

In this conversation, professors Ayanna Thompson (Arizona State University) and Noémie Ndiaye (University of Chicago) discuss Thompson’s career exploring the historical development and impact of race in scholarship, on the stage, and through the RaceB4Race collective. This program is a part of Race in Dialogue, a series of virtual conversations on medieval and early modern critical race studies and Indigenous studies.

December 2021. University of Chicago. “Black is the Journey, Africana the Name: A Book Launch Conversation with Maboula Soumahoro.”

A conversation between Maboula Soumahoro and Noémie Ndiaye to celebrate the publication of Dr. Soumahoro’s book, Le Triangle et l'Hexagone, translated into English as Black is the Journey, Africana the Name (Polity, 2021).

October 2021. Red Bull Theatre Online Conversation about Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre, 

Its history and themes with director Kent Gash, scholar Noémie Ndiaye, and members of the companies. Red Bull Theatre, NYC. 

April 2021. Centering Race Consortium (Brown, Stanford, the University of Chicago, Yale). “Race and the Transformation of Disciplines, A Faculty Roundtable” 

Guterl (Brown), Rod Ferguson (Yale), Marci Kwon (Stanford), Noémie Ndiaye (UChicago), and Teresa Montoya (UChicago).

January 2021. Arizona State University. “Race Before Race: Education.”

Day 3 of RaceB4Race Education showcased the work of Ambereen Dadabhoy, Eric L. De Barros, and Brenna Duperron. The session was moderated by Noémie Ndiaye. 

November 2020. Arts Club of Chicago. On Court Theater’s Othello.  

In anticipation of the Court Theatre’s 2021 production of Shakespeare’s Othello, three scholars discuss foundational works of Western theater, considering seminal theatrical representations of Blackness and the role they've played in shaping contemporary formations of race and the performance of self. Join Court Theatre Associate Director Gabrielle Randle-Bent, U of C Literature Professor Noémie Ndiaye, and Professor/Dean of Northwestern University’s School of Communication E. Patrick Johnson for a thought-provoking conversation about how theater has impacted society. 

November 2020. Newberry Library. “Celebrating Things of Darkness: Economies of Race and Gender in Early Modern England at 25.”

In this conversation, professors Kim F. Hall (Barnard College) and Noémie Ndiaye (University of Chicago) discuss the legacy of Dr. Hall’s groundbreaking book, a foundational work for premodern critical race studies, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. This program is a part of Race in Dialogue, a series of virtual conversations on medieval and early modern critical race studies and Indigenous studies. 

May 2020. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. “#SuchStuff s5 e6: Shakespeare and Race.”

In this week’s installment of our podcast, Professor Farah Karim-Cooper chats to the leading experts in Shakespeare and race studies, Professor Ayanna Thompson and Dr. Noémie Ndiaye, about their research and the future of their field.

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